7 Stages of Joshua's Preparation to Lead the Hebrews into the Promised Land

This past Sunday we began a series on Joshua. We covered the 7 stages of preparation of Joshua before God could use him. Many have asked me for the notes so here they are. 

Joshua 1.1-9 
The great promise to enter the promised land came after years of preparation - preparation of heart and inner discipline 

Joshua wasn’t chosen then prepared but rather prepared then chosen. Many fail to enter into the land God has for them because they resist the preparation process. 

1. Learned how Moses interceded for Israel in battle with Amalek - Ex 17.8,9  - The battle was won through intercession and the holding up of Moses’ arms.
2. Learned how Moses received from God - the Tablets - Ex 24 - Joshua though he was invited to go up with Moses, could not go all the way up because what Moses was to receive for Israel, came by intimacy and a relationship with God that Moses cost Moses much.
3. Learned how Moses dealt with the fallen hearts & failure of God’s people. - Ex 32.
4. How to dwell in the Presence of the Lord in prayer - Ex 33.11
5. How to deal with jealousy & God using other people - Num 11.26-29
6. How to walk by faith into God’s will despite discouraging circumstances - Num 13.16, (Num 13 is where Joshua’s name is changed from “helper” to Yehoshua - “Jehovah is Help”) Num 14.
7. Joshua is promoted with little fanfare & paired with Eleazar the priest  - Num 27.12-23, 34.17

When Hope Turns to Sight

When we think of those hopes that have yet not materialized, those prayers not yet answered and the victories not yet experienced in our lives; we must see them from God's completed perspective: that those elusive hopes already exist though we do not see them yet in the timeline of our lives. Thus we never have to live in the sense of incompleteness, we never have to despair the lack, the disappointment, the searing pain of loss. Just look at your life from God's overview; that the answer stands present, completed, and waiting for you down the road and around a corner in God's plan. Don't quit, don't withdraw. Move forward step by step through the difficulties and visualize the completion of the thing - for the day will come when you meet face to face and faith will turn to sight!