A Valentine's Dream Come True

Her mind drifted back to that evening years earlier, as she cradled her new born baby in her arms. She’d never forget that evening and how that the conversation went. 

Sarai passed the last dripping clay dish to Abram who was ready with a cloth to dry it. Other than the sound of washing dirty small cisterns from a now finished dinner, it was quiet in the small house they lived in. She was thankful, though they didn’t have a lot, they had a good life. Outside the sun was quickly setting yet the dusty streets of the city of Ur were still noisy from the foot traffic and sounds of braying market mules. 

Abram and Sarai’s conversation was in subdued quiet tones as each in a few short sentences described their day’s activity at the market. Sarai glanced at her husband, though he was still relatively young, she could see a deeper tiredness developing behind his eyes. Abram glanced back with a relaxed smile and his face lit up as if he had realized an opportunity. 

“Hon, I’ve been thinking these past few months…”; Sarai listened with a mixture of pragmatic skepticism and controlled excitement as Abram began to lay out a faith dream that God had been brewing in his heart. She could feel the joy in her heart grow as she saw her husband coming alive before her eyes. 

“Sarai!” Abram’s voice was a bit raised and he unknowingly had that expression on his face that he got when he was wholehearted about something, “Sarai, I really feel this is God…” the dish towel was now on the floor and both his hands were in motion, “there is a city out west that God is speaking to me about. It’s in a land that is totally foreign to us but I know God wants to give it to us and for our family.” 

Before Abram could finish his sentence her mind was already racing. Where would we live? What would we eat? Where would I do my shopping? Where would the money come from to sustain our living there? How would I tell my parents? 

With a tone wanting to be convinced Sarai chuckled, “but babe, aren’t we trying to have a baby?” Abram proceeded in that gentle way he had about him - a way that made her fall in love with him when they first met. He had a way of speaking life into her world of do-it-yourself and pessimistic realism. 

“I don’t know how it’ll all work but I trust you and I support you” Sarai couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth but somehow her husband’s belief was creating in her the will to believe and follow.

Sarah, now much older, looked out their small window as the sun had set. Baby Isaac had fallen asleep and his soft rhythmic breaths were soothing to hear.  She smiled as she realized her husband’s God and now her God as well, had rewarded her for her decision years ago; to follow The Call.

Maybe you’ve been there in the kitchen with a similar conversation when a faith dream was born. Your marriage needs an eternal, missional purpose, a purpose higher and bigger than your domestic mantras. A renewed playful passion in marriage springs up when your vision as a married couple goes beyond a manageable task or plan that you both can predict the outcome of.

Abraham and Sarah are an ancient example of a very human married people walking by faith, and not having it all together, but trusting in the omnipotence of God’s providential grace. 

Can you hear the God of Abraham calling you both to a city with your names on it? To a wild land that is waiting for your marriage to penetrate it with the gospel that shines out of your weakness and desperate dependence on God? 

Step out, follow where He leads, because like this missionary couple of old, you will inherit that land and you and your family will embrace in your arms, the very dreams you both seek.