Integrity in Leadership - The Heart of the Art

Psalms 78:72 - So he [David] shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, And guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.

Jesus, the True Shepherd, raised up David, a shepherd after God's own Heart, to lead Israel into God's Plan. David is given two characteristics in this verse: integrity of heart and skillful was of hand. He had "heart with his art".

A Godly leader must have these two qualities to be utilitized by God in the lives of His people. There must be Truth on the inner man, Ps 51.6 as well as wisdom from Him in what a leader is doing - skill.

Today there is too much development of talent without the inner character of integrity. A heart of integrity is the inner momentum of balance in the gyroscope of leadership. Without inner integrity and the discipline of personal sanctification there is a loss of balance resulting in the inevitable tipping and failing of the endeavor.

Walk before God in your inner secret life and see God promote you in your ministry and call as it was with Abraham, Gen 17.1. He will use that kind of leader to guide His People into possessing their possessions in God's Promised Land for them.

We can't cut corners with integrity, because in the end, what's in a leader's heart is always revealed.