Steps of Faith

Some of the greatest things that we posses today or the most exhilarating experiences we can remember, are things that we have or done because we took a step of faith when we didn’t see the whole picture. We just stepped out in obedience to the Spoken Word and the Jordan river parted.

The problem today with many of us is not that we haven’t heard from God, but that we have heard the Voice of God on the outside as well as in the inner man, and having heard we do not take that step of faith in the direction of "Him that calleth thee”.

Abraham toiled in the Ur of the Chaldees with an inner cry for something more, something supernatural, something God. Yet he did not know it that way. But when God spoke to Abraham to take steps of faith in his life and in his family - He did. That is when he ventured into the Plan of God and possessed all that God had for him to possess. 

Take steps of faith in the direction you hear the Voice of God. Do not explain away the Eternal Opportunity because of temporal circumstances. Like Peter who stepped out onto the water, yes there were the waves, the winds, and the chuckles of the other disciples; but which of the disciples can say “I walked on water”?

We don’t need to see the whole picture, to plan it all out in our heads before we take steps. God orders our steps and His Everlasting Arms are underneath us. Why not take that step of faith today and stop the procrastination?