The Genesis of a New Creation in You

(From The Preface of my book "The Drawing into Prayer" available here: Before we approach the subject of prayer in this small book, it is important for us to consider that the natural state of every human being is spiritually unregenerate, dead, and impotent. A man that has been seeded from the earth and born of the flesh, is merely flesh. As a result, he is blind to the things that are of the Heavenlies, and is in need of a new "genesis" or beginning in the deepest part of himself. Our spiritual "genesis" differs from our biological beginnings because it has an entirely different source.  "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." - John 3:6. This source afore mentioned is rooted in the Heavenlies and shares nothing with the soil we stand on now. Our Source comes from The Spirit of God Himself. As you begin your journey through this book, you will discover that the drawing into prayer involves a spiritual exchange or communion between the spirit in you and the Spirit of God.

Therefore, mankind needs a total rebirth, an absolute rejuvenation that is sourced in God, from that Heavenly sphere from which springs up a new creature. Mankind cannot be remade, remodeled, or refashioned. You and I need a new genesis - a creation that is not made from the materials of ourselves, or this world.

God created this universe not out of mandate but out of love, and because of love, God sends His only Son into it to rescue us. Jesus's love and mission to this world has been met with the ingratitude and sin of man (including you and me). When God became a man and dwelt among us, He was put to death on the cross. Yet it was the Love of the Spirit of God for humankind that raised Jesus from the dead and burst Him from the sullied grave.

Thus, we may be reborn by this "Love from Above." Anyone that allows the Love of the Spirit of the Father to enter and believes on His Son that He sent, will be a recipient of a supernatural miracle - a rebirth sourced from the Spirit of God. Something, or better stated--Someone, will be born inside that is born from Above, that is sourced from Above, and speaks the language of Above.

This is the new creation that the Bible speaks so much about. This new creation refers to the person who by choice, receives Christ and is born of the Spirit.  This regenerated person, spiritually born again, cannot sin, fail, or be destroyed. His new birth is sourced from the Seed of the Gospel of Grace. Just as a newborn babe cries out for its mother's breast and her caress, so this new creation hungers and thirsts for God: His Word, His Love, and His Communication to the inner most parts of his being.

If you have not received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, do so now. Believe on Him today as your Forgiver from sin and your Guarantor of Eternal Salvation. The peace of God will flood your soul as you trust Him in surrender. You will witness the genesis of a brand new miracle--YOU!

This is beginning of prayer.