200 Words on Leadership Growth

Each one of us is a leader in some way or another. We influence people most of the time unknowingly either in a good or bad way by our decisions.
> The question of growth as a leader is often overlooked by people because of laziness and passivity. 2 Tim 4.5
> The question is not how to grow my church or expand my influence, but how to grow personally as a leader. Ministry growth follows naturally. Ex 33.11

Growth Process:
1. Honesty and transparency: You're either walking with God and there's power & anointing in your life or you are; not thus you're plagued with weakness. Ps 45.7
2. Growth in your personal relationship in the Word of God and grace convictions. How's your relationship with your Bible and reading? 1 Tim 4.13
3. Personally being a part of a small team where your tools are being sharpened as well as yourself challenged. 1 Thes 5.11
4. Selflessly develop leaders around you into their calling. Help leaders above you, beside you and below you grow in all they are to be in their Calling. Acts 14.32 & 20.17
5. Others followed Christ because He was moving in God's Plan. People will follow you as you follow Him. 1 Cor 11.1

> When you stop growing, those that are around you stop growing and the laws of deterioration begin. Jn 21.3