My 1st book goes on sale today. The Drawing into Prayer - A 30 Day Prayer Guide

My first book goes on sale today. "THE DRAWING INTO PRAYER" - A 30 Day Prayer Guide into His Presence. For Personal, Family and Small Groups. Here is an excerpt: "“I am the Almighty God - Walk before me” - Genesis 17:1 - "O, let the place of secret prayer become to me the most beloved spot on earth." - Andrew Murray. There is a great secret that many believers never discover in their Christian lives - a joy and a privilege that remains hidden to many. Hidden not because of its exclusivity or selectiveness, nor because of the inability to attain to it, but because of its narrowness, a gate that is as the eye of a needle. It is a way that demands the stripping of all worldly baggage even to the loss of our love for self.

In return, there is an ushering into the presence of the Almighty, a surrender to His Love and a healing realignment of our dislocated soul to it’s place under the governance of the Spirit of the Word.

When we get quiet before the Holy One in surrender, and the soul hushes it’s tantrums, we can hear the Still Small Voice whispering, “Come unto me all that labor and that are heavy laden...”
This is the secret of the all satisfying communion with the Creator of our soul - PRAYER."

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