The Controversies of Facebook & it's Benefits

Today is the 2 month mark of being back on Facebook after several years of not being on it. Here are only a few observations I have made these past 8 weeks - (it is not an exhaustive observation nor does this article address the myriad of privacy issues brought up of late)

1. Facebook is more than a communication platform such as email or texting as some say - because it is more encompassing in it's sphere of simultaneous influence and impact.
2. Facebook is a sphere that is based on immediate gratification potentially disarming people to be vulnerable to be hurt. This adds to the potentially addictive and narcissistic nature of Facebook.
3. Facebook has created a social marketplace that is void of the laws & barriers of organizational walls, taboos, and distance. Thus people separated by politics, language, distance and religious persuasions now connect.
4. Facebook has facilitated a social climate that meets more on a event, activity and personal interest level rather than an orientation point of specific meaningful subjects, beliefs and spiritual values.
5. Facebook has become the modern day “Chambers of Imagery” in Ez 8.12 and courtyard of idle words in Mat 12.36 with reckless expression in some cases - adding to the controversial argument against Facebook
6. Facebook due to is virtual environment causes people to drop their guard and their communication filter. FB creates a separate reality where people say things that they'd never say in public because of a false sense of safety & privacy
7. Facebook in that it is not truly face to face, can create a feeling of freedom to say what people want without the consequences of being physically present - this leads to hurtful and embarrassing situations hurting relationships.
8. Facebook can very easily create an overly familiar atmosphere where the fear of the Lord is lost.
9. Facebook though it has it’s downward gravitational pull to low levels of communication, gossip and petty exchanges - can be a zone of great edification and encouragement when  used with social maturity in mind applying Godly filters and God’s guidelines for communication - Eph 4.29
10. Though the roads of Rome connected Europe with much hurtful commerce, cultural trends and lifestyle, Paul the apostle in contrary used the Roman Roads to be a means and conduit for the Gospel that spread abroad the empire and changed many people, nations and history.