The Monster Within

I would like to convey the deadliness of sin. There is an alien infection in every believer created by the Devil that we know to be the Old Sin Nature. This nature can easily be forgotten and be overlooked of it's vicious nature. The vicious nature of the OSN is not passive but actively at enmity day and night against the Believer & to the Spirit of God - Rom 8.7. The Old Sin Nature that resides genetically within every individual is compared to the Leviathan in Job 41 - that monster that cannot be controlled - "Will he make many supplications unto thee? Will he speak soft words unto thee? Will he make a covenant with thee? Wilt thou take him for a servant for ever? Wilt thou play with him as with a bird? Or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?" The moment a personal daily Cross is neglected in our lives, and our heart is not guarded by His Word, we become familiar and tolerant with a monster that just waits to pounce on the sentimental believer. The end is always death. 

Christ through His Cross has won the victory and has given power over the flesh crucifying sin in the flesh - Rom 8.3, rendering the Leviathan nature within powerless. 

But we cannot be naive in thinking that the Flesh and the Devil will passively stand by as we take steps of faith in God’s Eternal Purpose. The Old Sin Nature has not been eradicated and still resides within. Though judicially it has been rendered dead, if given the chance, the Old Leviathan Nature will rise up it’s ugly head and reap havoc in our souls. 

Whenever we put our trust in our Flesh we make a covenant with the Flesh; we are being naive, playing with our sin nature as we would as with a little bird. As we try to control the sin nature within we are in serious danger of being taken over by the ugliness of sin. Solomon soundly warned in Prov 31.3b - Do not give way to ways that destroy kings. Many have tried to tame the exciting Leviathan and make a deal with him to play with sin without getting bit - but the end is always the same. Fatal wounds.

Though we do not fear our flesh as the more powerful entity, we do have a deep understanding that many great men and women have fallen prey to the devouring beast of their sin nature and writhe in the anguish of regret because of sentimentality with the monster within. 

If we surrender to Grace and the Finished Work with a daily Cross - we will walk in peace and victory over the raging Leviathan within and not fall prey to it's deception.