7 Points on Having a Vision & 7 Things that will Kill your Vision

Here are a few spontaneous raw notes on a message we preached while in Odessa on Vision:

Without a Vision People Perish

Pro 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

1. We may first have a revelation of God's nature personally.
Ephesians 1:17-19
- Without a vision we live in knowledge.
- Without a vision I am lost
- vision of Gods love, power, grace, omnipotence
- with vision there is love, faith, joy, liberty
- we cannot compare ourselves Joshua 1:2-3 (the promise)
- we live with a personal sense of God in our lives.
- Is God with me? Read verses about God being with us.
Isaiah 6:1-5 Isaiah had to have a crises to reveal God in his life; a revelation of God, his flesh, finished work and he
hears the voice of The Lord.
- Hosea 10:12 breaking up the ground

2. God must speak to us about his specific plan
- a specific word from God
- we have to wait for God to speak to us
- suggestions from the body of Christ, a message.
- we test it / get counsel - Not flesh and blood: Gal 1:16
- it may not happen for a while

3. We must communicate the vision or be a part of the vision, Visionaries & followers.
- talk about the vision
- talk up / pastor
- peers
- down / followers
- Acts 16:9-10 (Titus Gal 2:1) God speaks to Paul about Macedonia
- don't get discouraged
- many times God will open a door after many others were closed
- "endeavored" - practical details (bought the tickets, prayer cards)
- assuring themselves "God has called us"
- if we don't have a vision for ourselves perhaps God wants us as a part of a team with a vision

4. We must be disciplined in the vision first before we lead others
- Write it down - we must break it down into pieces
- I need to be one outreach, prayer meeting before I can expect others to follow

5. At all times we must hold fast to the goodness of God that wants to prosper us.
- Nehemiah 2:17-18 "The good hand of The Lord "
- God is with us
- The King sent us - we are loved

6. Keep the vision fresh no ruts, big God, great grace (Acts 4), strong preaching.
- Be careful things don't get old
- Try different approaches (book tables)
- Try different perspectives (how are different people seeing things in the church)

7. Empower people, they will empower the vision.
- don't wait for the people to be perfect before you ask them to do things.
- paint the vision for them
- give them responsibilities
- trust
- edification
- there are not a lot of visionaries in this world

To be a visionary we must give our whole life to God.

The vision is always bigger than myself, resources, my own personality.

The vision is not just about missions
Need a vision for:
- family
- work
- children
- a main vision for my life
- Calling and occupation

Vision Killers: 1 Sam 3.1-3

1. Losing your perspective - focus lost of God, His Nature and his Word
2. Self occupation - internal problems - sin, pride, pre-occupied with the past, self analysis,
3. People occupation - comparison, gossip, fear of man, personality conflicts, people's failures, cliques.
4. Circumstantial occupation - pre-occupation with conditions, needs,
5. Trapped in your own comfort zone
6. Immaturity and lack of growth -
7. Lack of love, lack of grace, lack of forgiveness. Love empowers.