Odessa Camp 2013 and an Update from Kyiv by the Grodz's

Thank you so much for your prayers and care. As you know we’ve moved to Kyiv on Saturday 13th, and on Sunday P.Roman led the wedding ceremony of Rafi and Tanya (By the way, Rafi and Tanya had part of their honey moon in this Camp!). On Tuesday 16th we went to Odessa to participate in Summer camp in Carolina Bugaz. God blessed us with the possibility to stay in nice hotel, most people stayed in tents on the beach. There were many families with 1-3 kids who were staying in tents, they are real heroes! Hope you saw some great pictures of this camp on the Facebook. There were about 70 people from Odessa, Cherkassy, Moldova, Kyiv,  L'viv and from Kaliningrad. The theme of the Camp was “A Prepared Heart”. P.Roman and P.Mark Knowles from Moldova were the main speakers and the other pastors had their great portions as well. There were 3 young men from different cities who got baptized at the end of the camp. P.Sasha and his team did an amazing work organizing this camp. People shared great testimonies from the time there. Many expressed the desire to have this camp longer and they anticipate next time of the camp.

We planned to stay couple days longer in Odessa to be with the church there, but our son got sick and we ended up in the hospital, it was an unbelievable experience, we decided to leave that hospital the next day. We stayed 3 days with P.Sasha and Tanya and then went back to Kyiv. Sam still is recovering, but he is much better now, thank God! Please, pray for special protection from God on our health, we feel since we started this process of moving to Kyiv we’ve been under serious attacks on our health.

P. Roman, Albina and Sam