Emotional Maturity in Relationships

Last night at our Bible Study we covered the subject of Emotional Maturity in Relationships
Here are the raw notes from our study.

2 Cor 5:14-20.

Signs of Emotional Immaturity = Poor self-image
1. Over-sensativity
2. Easily offended
3. Wounded by what people say to help you
4. Imagining what people people are thinking
5. Entitlement
6. Self-Centeredness in a crowd
7. Drawing attention and soliciting recognition to themselves.

Growing in Maturity - the Process
1. Let God deeply know you, your needs, desires, fears, everything. Pour out your heart before Him. Ps 62.8 - intimacy with God deals with the frustration index.

2. Let Christ become center of your life. Mentally, emotionally, in your will, values and set him before your face. - Stability - Ps 16.8

3. He becomes the absolute source. Ps 87.7 God dependent not self nor people

4. We become God conscious and not self-absorbed. "Not my will but thine be done" - Mat 26.41

5. Shift your perception of people from their experiences and behavior to their spiritual need = "Not knowing them after the flesh"

6. The Love of Christ constrains us. 2 Cor 5.14

7. Then what we do and say to people is going to be God's mind, perspective & wisdom. We will be helping them grow in who they are in Christ not their flesh.