Faith Dreams

In a society that thrives on the thrill of extreme adventure and the "reality rush", people suffer from the passivity and boredom of a life lived in selfishness and egocentric entertainment. They live in an environment that is probable, predictable and controllable yet riddled with discontentment and lack of satisfaction. The despair deepens as they try more and more to fill the gaping hole in their soul that can only be filled with the love and purpose that comes from the deep call of God that calls to the depths of a man's spirit. We, like Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Nehemiah have been created for a purposed calling from a God that wants to speak to lonely empty people. People are limited to themselves and their feeble imaginations. God wants to give people a dream, a faith dream.

A faith dream is a Rhema that God imparts through His Word to the spirit of a person as He did with Mary in Luke 1. This faith dream comes from a revelation of the character and nature of God through Jesus Christ. This vision builds a fearless capacity to step out onto the water to walk out on the impossibility to meet Jesus Himself on the waters. When Peter standing in the boat saw Jesus walking on the water he saw himself on the water with Jesus.

There are 8 characteristics of a faith dream.
>1. It is something that God puts in the spirit of the surrendered heart at His Cross by His "energeo" - Phil 2.13 - "enthusiasm" grk. "God inside"
>2. A vision that does not originate with us nor centers around us. It may be something that we have run from such as Moses - Ex 3.2
>3. A vision that is much bigger than us than our emotions and mind. It is something that is bigger than our resources and not for our fleshly gain. Nehemiah
>4. It is a dream that is so impossible to the natural man that only God's love working in us can make a way to break through the discouragement and reasons not to go on.
>5. It is a purpose that many may not understand and that we could easily doubt if it were not for God's confirming in our hearts. It is a vision that may make us at times feel alone. Lam 3.28
>6. It is a vision that is accompanied with the presence, liberty and the fruit of the Spirit.
>7. It is very possible that you may not see the faith vision come to pass in your lifetime. Heb 11.
>8. The result of obedience by faith is the deliverance, salvations of many and eternal fruit that never passes away.

Eph3.20 Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we able to ask or think according to the power that worketh in us

1 Corinthians 16:9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. 

Adversaries to the Open Door:
1. Rationalization
2. Doubt
3. Fear of the future
4. Living in the past
5. Circumstantial orientation
6. Looking at yourself
7. Looking at others

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