Keepers of The Flame - Pt 2

The Flame

Throughout human history there have always been an exclusive, privileged few that have had the honorable task of keeping, maintaining, caring for and watching over The Flame of God. Whether a chosen family or an individual - this keeper was to continually guard The Flame that it would not be put out, that the ashes would not build up around it choking it and that it would remain burning in the darkest of hours.

The Flame represented the Presence of God, the Witness of the Holy Spirit, the purging of all that can be consumed in sacrifice for the Most Holy. The Flame was the Light that bore the defining Illumination for The Path that had to be trod to The Way Everlasting, The Way into the Promise.

The Flame is characteristic of all that God is, His Desire, His Will, & His Love. Anything that is not all of God is and all that He is made up of is combustible, unstable, temporal and will be consumed. In short anything that is not of Spirit and Light will be consumed by the Flame of God until all that remains is God Himself and His Love.

In each epoch of the Bible it is carefully laid out who the keepers of The Flame were. These keepers were the guards and they themselves were the fuel for its Flame - Hebrews 1.7. These men & women of old and of now in the Church Age, were aflame with that Sacred Fire that burned within consuming their humanity yet not destroying it.

The Flame is not awful, nor is it destructive for those that are enveloped by its passion for Christ but it is a Holy Burning that purges all that is of self and of this rotting world. It sears away all that is love of ego, sentimental, all that is less than Love, Agape Love.

The Flame was ignited by God Himself in the forming of Creation when He spoke "Let the be light." Light originates from the Mouth of God, His Word, His Rhema. His Flame, His illumination comes by no other way than that of the Spoken Word of God. His Word is Light and it's how we see in this dark world.

But the keepers of the Flame, this Light, understood clearly that for The Flame to stay ignited there needed to be wood and there needed to be a sacrifice. Wood always represented that aspect of growth from the earth, trees, that could be cut down to build up and cover. Wood represents all that of Man, sourced in the Earth and not from the Heavenlies. Wood is strong for a season then fades and rots back into the earth only to fodder more. This is man. This is our humanity. This is our fragility. This is our temporal destiny. This is what must be placed on The Altar. This is what will keep the Flame burning with the Sacrifice above it enveloped in its Holy Flame.

We today, the Church of Jesus Christ, The Body of Christ on the Earth today, His Bride are the keepers of The Flame. The Flame is that Holy Spirit ignited in our Spirit that burns up that which is wooden - our humanity, and makes us a Flame of Fire.

This was the vivid illustration portrayed to Moses by God n the Burning Bush. It was a picture, a symbol of Moses' life the bush and the flame The Spirit of Burning that burned and burned yet did not destroy. Moses was to be God's Prophet a man aflame a burning light in deliverance of God's people.

The Flame burns as long as our humanity is laid daily, hourly at the Altar of the Cross. There the Flame burns till all the dross of this world is purged till we are reduced to His Love and only He remains. Then we are satisfied, healed and burn in our service & witness for Him and then find ourselves lit with The Flame that never burns out.