Grisha Needs Heart Surgery - Please Pray

I am writing you as well as other friends and co-laborers of the ministry in Ukraine that have been and are today burdened for the Ukraine and the work of the ministry there.
Grisha, an assisting pastor in Odessa, a husband and a father of 2, is in need of an emergency heart operation which will take place this Thursday the 13th. He has a valve in his heart that requires open heart surgery and due to this heart condition his liver is now beginning to fail thus the speedy operation. Grisha with his family and team have been a dear friend and a key part in the ministry to troubled youth and orphans in Odessa. He is our first disciple in Odessa meeting him and leading him to Christ in 1995. The remaining amount needed for the operation is about 3000$. We are believing God that this be raised by Wednesday the 12th. If The Lord puts it on your heart to help with 10$, 50$, 100$ or more than please contact the GGWO Missions department and designate your tax deductible gift for "Grisha's Operation" Thank you and God bless you!

UPDATE: 12.24.2012 - God is faithful! The operation has finished and Grisha is now recovering slowly, he is sitting up in bed talking and smiling. Please pray for him and the recovery process and that his liver would also recover from the damage it got while his heart was failing.