Evan's Thoughts on Joseph

Evan Pekarek - one of our awesome MBC&S students spoke today in Sunday on Joseph. Here are some great points he made:

1. He was a man who spoke his mind
-boldness (Genesis 37:5-11; 40:12-15; 41:16-36)
A. Negative effects
B. positive effects

2. He was a man who did not act tritely
A. Fled evil (39:7-13)
B. tested his brothers before revealing himself (42-45)

3. He was a man who was gracious in nature
A. When the time came to reveal himself, he did so with unrestrained
love toward his brothers
B. He gave what he could despite how his brothers felt about his treatment
I. It is in our nature to not want to receive grace from someone we
have wronged.
C. His gracious attitude reunited a broken, troubled home.

4. God used Joseph as an example of grace, a champion of faith.
"God is waiting to be gracious"