Walking by Faith and not by Sight

Now faith is the title deed of things hoped for, the proof of things which are not being seen. 2 For by means of this [namely, faith] the elders had witness borne to them. - Hebrews 11.1

Some people never experience what God's plan has in store for them because they do not take steps of obedience in the proposition of
God's call in their life to walk by faith. Instead of stepping out by faith to walk on the water in their lives in victory out to meet Jesus they procrastinate - rationalizing by what they see and what they feel until they have talked themselves out of a wonderful blessing waiting for them just around the corner. Out of a nation of 2 million people - 2 men were thinking with God about His will. By Faith Caleb & Joshua obtained a good report about the land they were commanded to posses and they challenged and inspired the whole nation of Israel to move forward.Those that walk by faith will always be in the minority thus leading their nation. If we hear the call from God to forgive, or to take a stand for truth in a circle of our peers or simply to give grace, than we default into living,
thinking & functioning naturally wondering why there is no supernatural victorious characteristic in our lives as Christians. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith our lives & our Christianity becomes no different than the pagan religions of control, ritual and monotony. Discover God's purposes and dreams for you, take steps forward in obedience, and enjoy the adventure!