Summer Fruit

Amos 8:1
Thus the Lord God showed to me, and behold, a basket of [ripe and therefore soon to perish] summer fruit. - Amplified

The days of Amos the prophet are not to different then the days we are living in today. The Lord has a harvest of summer fruit for Greater Grace all over the world and here in our region of Philadelphia. Like any summer fruit - it expires quickly and that requires urgency in our ministry.

We have been quite busy here at GGC Philly with new disciples, decisions for Christ, and an exciting vision on the Fall horizon.

We now find ourselves in the middle of August with plans for another Love Philly weekend with a community cookout and concert on Labor Day weekend where we will be inviting the whole community. We not long ago celebrated our first year together in our new configuration with p. Tony & p. Dwight working together to reach Philly. It has been now been 6 months since we took on the precious Body in Hatboro.

We now plan to open our Fall semester of Bible College in a couple weeks. We will be offering classes based on our MBC&S Pathfinder's Course load with a video class from Baltimore.

You may already know but at present I am pastoring two churches of about 30 people each with the awesome help of p. Dwight & p. Tony; one in downtown Philadelphia & the other 25 minutes north in Hatboro on the edge of Philadelphia. This past year we have seen new folks come into the assembly and deep growth in people's lives. We have also seen a real spiritual battle for people's lives and their decisions yet there have been greater victories in people's lives and families.

P. Jim & Peg Hoppe have retired back in February and are enjoying the fruit of their 25 years of labor in Hatboro and 57 years of marriage. They have been true friends in the ministry supporting Dr. Stevens and are solidly behind p. Schaller and the Body in Baltimore. Let's continue to pray for them as they struggle at times financially.

We covet your prayers (and visits!)
> For growth and depth in the lives of those Body members in the Philly area
> For God's choice of renters of our home in Baltimore so that we may move to Philly in September
> For the Pallotta family already living & working in the Philly region.
> For a university church on the West Side of Philly in University City in the fall.
> For a building we may rent full-time in Center-City.
> The Bible school classes we begin in September & for God to call specific students
> For our Saturday outreach team that comes up at times staying over for Sunday
> For the messages, the visits and outreach - for God to bring the increase.

We so appreciate your prayers and support in this labor of love in a very historic and important part of our country.

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May God bless you richly
Pastor Christian & Gosia Moore

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