Being A Member in Particular in Warfare

When the Enemy comes in like a tsunami flood; 9 times out of 10 we get subjective, self-conscious, and sink into our little limited world of hurt, sorrow and fear. Then our perception of life and those around us becomes un-objective subject to our own private interpretation and not from God's Word of Promise. That's because we stop looking at our Victor Jesus Christ who beat sin & death at the Cross. Much of the time we slip into this downward spiral because of not the great mountain but the little things that cause us to panic. Elijah that great courageous prophet fled not from the voice of a king or an army but from the threat of a woman. Satan is a liar and his lies are purposed to stun us from manifesting the Glorious Gospel of Grace & to live in self pity. Let's learn to lay hold of the promise & live in our place in the Body & not our feelings.