Day Three - The Breaking Down of the 3 Walls of Separation

"For He is [Himself] our peace... and has broken down (destroyed, abolished) the hostile dividing wall between us" - Eph 2.14

"Many and many a man is crying to God in vain, simply because of sin in his life. It may be some sin in the past that has been unconfessed and unjudged, it may be some sin in the present that is cherished, very likely is not even looked upon as sin, but there the sin is, hidden away somewhere in the heart or in the life" - R.A. Torrey

There are three walls that block the upward prayer of the saint. Number one is what the scripture calls iniquity, a hidden rebellion or emotional reaction in the heart to the Will of God or His Word. The prophet Isaiah said rightly to Israel "your iniquities have separated between you and your God" - Is 59.2 A large number of Christians today may say "there is no sin in my life" but live with buried bitterness and disagreement to what God has allowed or done resulting in the breakdown of communion and fellowship with The Planner. It very well may be that we are scandalized by what God has permitted in His Sovereign Will, but try as we may, until we surrender in faith to He who is our peace, we shall not know the wisdom needed, peace, curing, and the breaking down of the wall of iniquity.

The second wall that thwarts prayer is sin. The practice of sin or living in the memory of sin effectively stops prayer. No man can pray and sin simultaneously. One excludes the other. Not only does sin always cause prayerlessness, prayerlessness always precedes sin. God has with a word of finality dealt with your sin forever and at present. Until we agree with that word of finality in John 19.30 "it is finished" and say the same thing God has said about our sin, then that wall of silence shall stand unmovable between us and God. But O how sweet the communion is of breaking the bread and drinking the cup when we surrender our sin to the Sin-Bearer Jesus! How speedily we hear His Voice and see His Face!

The final, yet most obstinate of the 3 walls is the wall of idol worship. The prophet Ezekiel described hidden chambers in the homes of many men in Israel where they worshipped idols and images secretly - Ez 8.12. This happens today in the hidden rooms of believer's souls. Worship simply means the concentration of our attention whether positive or negative. Any 3 dimensional item or unseen issue in our soul that steals our focus for any amount of time from the One that is our object of adoration, is an idol. Technology, careers, noble endeavors, family, even the ministry of serving God, or inner fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, comparison, and jealousy have become idols in today's society.

The truth is that anytime Jesus is not the focus of our mind, body, and soul then walls spring up causing a disconnect of fellowship with God, an understanding of who we are, and our eternal purpose. Sadly the problem lies deeper than the concentration of our attention; it lies in the fact that when there is no consecration, there cannot be any concentration. Consecration is an act that we experience solely when we surrender at the dusty foot of a splintery cross where our peace with God was made. Only there do we discover the rapturing of ourselves into conversing with He who is our peace.