Day Two - The Drawing into Prayer

"No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him" John 6:44

"Prayer is the drawing and pressing of the impressed image toward its Original, which is the Triune God." - Abraham Kuyper

It is all important that it be understood that the act of prayer originates from the Spirit of the Father drawing to seek Him in prayer and not our own will and endeavoring. There is nothing in mortal man that prays. He has no prayer in himself. Man ought to pray but the truth is he cannot, nor does he wish to or see the value of prayer; for he does not even know what prayer is. Man is only aware of the world he lives in and what he wants for himself, by himself because his spirit is un-regenrate, dead. Man is bound to himself and finite in his understanding not seeing The Eternal. The carnal man, whether believing or not, lives only in the sphere of his own pain, joy, sin and success. He cannot by himself know any thing outside of his limited sphere of senses - yet he is very aware of the cosmic loneliness within not even knowing how to enquire for remedy.

The Bible begins within the opening chapters God with seeking and calling lost man, "Adam, where are you?", Gen 3:9. It is in this moment that God's compassion is stirred for man's blind plight trapped in fear and He begins to draw him with bands of love, Hosea 11:4. This drawing is mystical and cannot be described by words, but it is beautiful and attracting. It was the attractiveness of Jesus when He prayed in Luke 11:1 that drew his disciples to ask - "teach us to pray".

It is that sweet Word from the Father Himself that speaks directly to the innermost tabernacle of a man saying, "seek My Face". When our heart responds "Thy Face will I seek" as David said in Psalm 27.8, we are drawn to Himself in mutual desire for communion.

It is to become our discipline to hear His whisper "seek My Face" as we would tune our ears to hear the cooing of the morning dove on a branch outside our window. When there is no desire or urge to pray, do not try to will it but do as the Shulamite as she mused on her lover and their previous engagement. She called for her beloved, "Draw me, we will run after thee", Song of Sol 1.4. She waited in her chambers in stillness waiting for her beloved's voice to call her out.

Prayer that is willed is not prayer but can easily become spiritless recitings of heartless words. Prayer is to be the breathing out of the breath of love towards He who draws us with bands of love. This kind of prayer is as easy as breathing because it's a prayer of the heart - the heart that God has given us to know Him, Jer 24.7.