Consider the Work of God - 20 Year Anniversary in Ukraine Conference

We've just returned from an anointed and powerful time together in Ukraine for our 20 year anniversary of ministry in Ukraine. P. Matti Sirvio was our guest speaker with p. Gromov, p. Jason and myself. Here are a few gems mentioned at the conference:

"The goal of our concentration and time is not more production but intimacy with God"

"Every temptation is a lie. Otherwise it would not be a temptation."

"Church growth in God is not measured in numbers or how large we are but rather how small we become." Jn 3.30

"Sacrificial Love - means you are ready to take the pain for another"

"The higher & greater the work the the deeper you must dig a foundation."

"The lack of concentration is often due to the lack of personal consecration"

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