MILA - "Pleasant" - A Lydia from China whose heart the Lord opened in Kyiv.

When our team of 7 arrived to Kyiv we landed at a Baptist hostel that warmly received us and soon we met "MILA". She is originally from China and it's not clear how she got to Ukraine but she met Christ and was hired by a Ukrainian Baptist church as a cleaning lady doing menial jobs on their church compound.

She came to meet us one evening after her work. "Why do you have so many on your team that were Muslims before?" she asked in slow but deliberated English. "Well that is the team that God has put together for us for this city", we answered. She continued in asking us a few questions about our mission here and when we told her reaching Muslim students in the universities here was one of our targets, her face lit up.

"I have been praying for years and sending emails to churches in the United States that they would send missionaries here to reach the many Muslim foreign students, but I received not even one email back." She went on to say how every evening she would go to the center of the city with tracts in Arabic, Turkish, & Farsi looking for students to share the gospel with. When asked how it came to be that she had such a burden for these students she told us that she didn't know how it came to be but God put it in her heart. She herself thought it was strange being Chinese, living in Ukraine, & evangelizing international students.

"May I have your permission to send those students that are interested to your meetings?" she asked politely, "your team is an answer to my prayers – I got no reply from my emails pleading for missionaries here but God sent you!"

"Sure you may but we don't have a meeting place yet" I replied. "Well, I have an idea for you – someone who will help you" she told us how she met a man at a bus stop thinking he was Chinese by his appearance and how she tried to share the Gospel with him. It turned out that he was Korean and a pastor in Kyiv. "He will call you tomorrow morning and he will give you his place to use for free" she said confidently.

Within 24 hours we were sitting with this Korean pastor who was asking us to take his facility and use it for our church services and Bible school. This facility is in a part of the city where 5000 university students live. We are all still pretty stunned at how this all came about but God's economy is radically in difference with the way the world does things. God does not need a large resource of capital, money, or powerful people too accomplish His "strange work". He uses the small, simple "Lydia's" that have availed themselves to Christ such as yourself.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Something special is happening in Kyiv and it's the Lord's work. Please enjoy the slide show below of the team we have in Kyiv. Click here if you do not see it