Prayer Conference in Lwówek – April 30-May 2

Two weeks we met together in a 16th century castle in Lwówek, Śląski in Poland for a conference dedicated to prayer. There we met Christ in the Word and fellowship.

Here is the story of William Still that I read recently that really spoke to me;  He was a young man that God used mightily in Scotland.

“William Still at Gilkumson South Church in Aberdeen was a young man when he was called to that congregation.  It had had liberal pastors for many years before he came. In fact, when he started the ministry in the Church of Scotland, you could have counted the evangelicals in the Church of Scotland on your hands.  And so he went into a difficult situation to minister at a dying, downtown church in Aberdeen.  After he had been there for a few months, an older lady in the congregation called him and asked him to come by for a visit at her home.  And this is what she said to him.  When I called she said to me, “I have been praying for many years that God would send a man who was a little bit out of the usual to do a work for the Lord here in Aberdeen.  And from what I hear, you are the answer to my prayer.”  She told me this: “I have been a widow for seventeen years.  Formerly, I taught a Bible class for over 100 girls, many of whom have since gone to the mission field, and yet it was only after my dear husband died and I was by then rather frail and only able to sit at my fireside and pray, that the Lord gave me this burden.  It was as if he had said to me, ‘you have served Me long with these girls and in your local congregation, but this is the task of your life, reserved for you in your eighties.  You have to pray something for Aberdeen.’”  Mr. Still ministered in that congregation for almost sixty years, and he nurtured all the leaders of the evangelical movement in the Church of Scotland right in the halls of the prayer meeting and in the sanctuary under the preaching of the word - Sinclair Ferguson, James Phillips, George Phillips, and we could go down the list.  The faithful prayers of that woman used by God to be a blessing to His church.” 

Enjoy the slide show of the conference. If you can't see it click here: