Divine Support by the Appearance of a Man’s Hands in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ezekiel 10:8  “And there appeared in the cherubims the form of a man's hand under their wings.”

This is quite an interesting verse to read in the midst of the description of these awesome and powerful creatures whose purpose was to cover the Throne of God upon what was the “likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it.” Ezekiel chapter 1 as well as in this chapter we read the description of the inner courts of God’s Throne and yet think of it – we read that under these mighty angels’ wings that ministered and executed the Mind of God was what appeared to be a Man’s hand. Not only were their faces, feet and bodies covered – they were also supported and lifted up by the hand’s of The Man that sat upon the Throne.

The Hand of Jesus Christ lifted Peter up out from sinking into troubled waters and also lifts up the Cherubim that guard the Throne. This same Hand is the Divine support in a ministry that is not our own but God’s. Just as the Cherubim are bourne in their ministry, so are we, the New Testament Church lifted up in the endeavor that was commissioned 2000 years ago.

Though there are the gifts, the office, and the authority given to the Church in this present lost world – there are the gentle human Hands of the Christ-Man that lift us up, that bear us on to carry us where we would not have imagined or would have had the audacity to ask for. These are Hands that no man can pluck us from. This is the Divine support and comfort we have in our lives and in our ministry.

Yesterday my wife and I’ve returned from 2 fruitful months in Kyiv, Ukraine. These months have been surprisingly fruitful and God went beyond our expectations. What was to be a trip to visit our church in Kyiv that has no pastor turned out to be a harvest.  God provided a location for Bible School an office as well as a place for services. We also were led to several people who’s heart the Lord had opened. When my wife were shopping at the market God brought to us the Ambassador of Serbia in Kyiv and his wife to minister to. Among those that we were able to minister to were 3 Iranian men that expressed their vision to be pastors in their own country. I am not at liberty to go into the details but keep them in your prayers.

God also brought two ladies to our fellowship in Kyiv from Minsk, Belarus: Lena & Olga, that lost contact with our ministry. They had moved to Kyiv to work not knowing that we were there yet God had a plan for them beyond their sphere of comprehension.

Bill Toppi is now in Kyiv for another month - keep him in prayer as he oversees the work there in our absence. 

Thank you for your prayers.

p. Christian and Gosia Moore

Enjoy the slideshow below of our visit in Kyiv. If you cannot see it click here: