A New Year with 3 Loaves

Happy New Year to you all that read our blog. Last night many of us heard the message that we have 3 loaves of bread given to us by God as a provision for our lives. (You can download the message by pastor Schaller from this blog if you haven't heard it).

This Sunday I leave for St. Petersburg Russia with 3 loaves of bread for the January Conference with all the Russian Pastors and p.Schaller. After the conference I'll stay behind to spend Russian Christmas January 6-7 with the saints in p.Alexai's church in St. Pete till the 17th. During that time we'll have outreaches, fellowship, raps and visits.

January 17th I'll fly into Kyiv, Ukraine with Peter Merry and begin to build up the church we have in The capital of the Ukraine. Please keep is in prayer as my wife and I focus this year on edification of our church in Kyiv.

Church growth is spoken much about these days but real church growth begins when there is edification and comfort by the Holy Spirit & the Word as we see in Acts 9.31.

When we serve the Body with the 3 loaves God has given us there is a multiplication.

We covet your prayers.
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God bless you,

P.Chris & Gosia Moore