Lwówek Sląski - Legnica

We gathered this weekend in an old castle with the Polish leaders and a few others for a get away conference in Lwówek Sląski. This little town is found in Southern Silesia (Sląsk)- a part of Poland that was German for many years until World War II.  It is named Lwówek meaning "Little "Lwow (L'viv). It has been named so due to the fact that after the war many Poles and Ukrainians were forced to move there from Lwow in western Ukraine(or in Ukrainian L'viv").


The town sits neglected with many buildings and homes falling into ruin since the Germans left that area after the war.  There is an atmosphere there of depression in contrary to its beautiful landscape with dense forests, forests that you'd often find in Germany.


But  this weekend was a special event in that little oppressed town. Many of us gathered around the Word, prayer and fellowship with a lot of laughter. The Polish churches have a vision to reach Poland and raise up new pastors, missionaries and Bible Schools in the next few years.


One nearby town that we've done outreach in before is of special interest for us, Legnica. This town is one of the regional centers found in Silesia (Sląsk). P. Tomek in Wroclaw has had outreaches there and there are people there we've heard of that are waiting for a team to move there. Legnica is a type of Samaria I think and people daily gather there by a well that cannot supply water everlasting. Our prayer is that this year we'd see a team move there.


This summer in July a team of us are going to travel through Poland among other places. Please check out the blog on this subject and maybe you'd could join us for an awesome mission trip: http://euroquad.blogspot.com


Thank God for the steadfastness of the Poles and their ministry over the many years in Greater Grace. Keep them in your prayers. Check out their site in English: http://www.ggwo.pl


Enjoy the slideshow from P. Maciek Knechciak below of our time in Lwówek Sląski:


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