The excruciating pain intensified from the torture as the Iraqi Republican Guard strapped Zuhair, a Chaldean Iraqi, upside down to a large spinning fan suspended from the ceiling. Already his father, wife and son were executed and he was sure he'd be expiring soon. The flogging began from a board with nails attached on the end. The torture ended when the nails pierced his lower back and damaged his discs. Lowering him down to the floor he was told he was free to go. Go where? he thought. After 2.5 years in an underground dungeon? He was a hotel owner of the only 5 star hotel in Bagdad, that later became Sadam's headquaters. Fleeing Iraq he found his way to Jordan and then on to Cyprus where he made his home and met Jesus Christ!

Today on outreach we met Iranians, Syrians, Russians and of course Greek Cypriots. What an awesome opportunity here in Limassol, Cyprus. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you! P.Chris and Gosia

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