When He Visits in the Night

You have proved my heart; You have visited me in the night; You have tried me and find nothing [no evil purpose in me]; I have purposed that my mouth shall not transgress. Psalm 17.3 – Ampl.

At times in the very evil world we but sojourn through, we can feel the enclosing darkness press on our spirit and try to cloud our mind with questions that attempt to de-throne Jesus Christ from off the throne of our heart. It is times like this that God’s entire heavenly host hush in wonder as the trial that haps upon the child of God for what will be brought forth is His Treasure. This happened one night at the Garden of “the Winepress” (Gethsemane) with the Son of God Himself. At this moment of the power of darkness Jesus prayed yet what was squeezed out under crushing pressure was not psychic confusion nor cries of despairing questions but rather prayer and absolute surrender unto the Father.

When it is a dark night of the soul we must not grieve the Spirit’s whispers that can only be heard when we ourselves have been weaned and quieted before Him. It is at this time of great infirmity that the Lord wants to minister to us otherwise as Jesus said to Peter – “you have no companionship in me” (John 15 Ampl). I am learning that without these visits in the night where He ministers to us under much pressure, our ministry can actually become perjury; oh may God forbid!

These visits in the night may not be often but when they occur there are two things that result (as it was with Jacob) a tremendous revelation of God’s Gracious Nature and future Plan as well as a definite weakening of natural ability. See after Jacob’s encounter with the Lord how he leans on a rod, the very rod that he used later in his life to bless his children. We will do well to let Him visit us often and rapture our heart and renew the spirit our minds.

Now in Ukraine we have faced several grievous health situations with dear people in the church here. Please pray with us as we minister here to these very precious Ukrainians with a towel and a basin.

P. Chris & Gosia

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