Trips in 2006 The Secret Altar

The Secret Altar

There is a place - in the human being that cannot be touched by any hand or malicious tool, it is the Altar - the secret place in the depth of man. It is sacred - it is our spirit, the place where Christs dwells, the call, the Holy of holiest. Here we worship either the Almighty or self that perishes hourly. God wants to be God of this room, worshiped at this altar. This human spirit must be purged by the one and pure Holy Spirit, the spirit of burning, by the eternal blood of Christ and the water of the Word. Here in this temple that was purged we hear the call of God unto sanctification, & holiness. This room, this altar, this holy place is reserved for communion with not angels or some glorious creature but the Creator Himself. The throne in this enclave is made only for One yet ego strains to stay on it. But until God is the One God of the Throne and the Altar of the human spirit, there can only be anarchy, chaos, restlessness and sin. God must be the God of the secret place or we must become rebels.

Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Hungary, Moldova.

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