Summer 2005 - The Journeys Begin...

During this trip God has placed in my spirit such a burden for these people of the 10/40 window, the Muslims that do not know the name of their father "Ishmael" means "God that hears the cry" - the cry of their heart. Many of us christians are standing on a boat as Peter did fishing, when the Lord suddenly appears walking on our water...may our response be..."Lord! if it is me to come..."

In Acts 27 we see a theme, "Don't underestimate the value of trips with unexpected events". This summer was a flash of fellowship and outreach in 10 cities, 8 different countries. Cherkassy, Ukraine; Sevastopol, Crimea; L'viv, Ukraine; Kaposvar, Hungary; Tyumen, Siberia; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Zagreb, Croatia; Banja Luka, Bosnia; Sarajevo, Bosnia; Krakow Poland.

The secret of God is in His people, it is so easily missed. To see this secret we must be made very small by the Cross. We do not make ourselves small; God does that by the greatness of His gentle mercy.

The tasks of the King must be accomplished by steps:
1. Take a step - don't withdraw like a victim
2. Take another step - don't condemn the man that doesn't take it with you
3. Keep taking steps - never get satisfied with your last step.
Every step we take is onto holy ground God has given us - Joshua 1.6,9

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