Hey there, welcome to my blog! This blog is by nature a teaching site where I would post articles and research that come from my personal study and preparation. Many of these articles are notes from sermons I preach. I pray this blog will bless you and that the Word of Grace would build you up and confirm your spiritual inheritance in Christ - Acts 20.32

More about: Christian was led to Christ in 1975 by a group of university students in Medway, Massachusetts. In 1984 he went to the SSB where he continued graduating with a Bachelor's in Missions in 1988. Immediately he joined a pioneer church planting team in Poland during the final years of communism; taking missions trips into the Soviet Union. God led him to move to Ukraine leading a team of Americans and Poles after it declared independence from Russia in 1991. In June 1993 he received full ordination as a pastor the same week that God had given him his precious wife Gosia to marry from Krakow, Poland. For the 5 years they lived and labored together in Ukraine there was a move of God resulting in five churches planted there. Moving back to Baltimore in 1997 he taught at MBC&S, beginning an outreach to Philadelphia, as well as working in the GG Missions Department. He also enjoyed the privilege to preach often in Poland, Ukraine, Central Asia and Russia. Presently he and his wife Gosia live in the Houston area ministering there leading a church planting team in the greater Houston area. www.GraceTransforms.us

The Drawing into Prayer is a 30 day prayer guide that will inspire us, and lead us down the knee-trodden path of the Christian life into the Presence of God. My prayer is that the Spirit of Intercession and Pleading would breathe on this little book and draw you into God's Presence so that you can enjoy deeper communion with Him and gain clarity in the direction of your prayer life.